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Hi, I’m Russell Maggs, founder of Maggs Financial Services. We specialise in negotiating bespoke mortgage deals for clients that don’t fit the normal rules set by banks and building societies.

We help arrange Mortgages for Doctors at every stage of their career. But focus on helping those that have found it difficult getting a mortgage elsewhere. We mostly help; 

If you want to overcome the issues doctors face when getting a mortgage. And get to know whether I am the right person to help. Please get in touch, check out the “Helping Doctors get Mortgages podcast or find out more about Russell, former BMA Mortgage Adviser.

We tend to help clients local to the South West as a mortgage broker in Bath. With many of our clients local to the market towns of Chippenham, Corsham & Malmesbury

If you want to understand the mortgage options available to you. And get to know whether I am the right person to help. Please get in touch.


How you can protect yourself in the event of death or ill health?

It’s difficult to write about protection. There’s lots of jargon and industry language that makes it hard to explain in a few paragraphs.

The key thing to remember, is that following the recommendation of a professional will ensure your family is protected should the unthinkable happen and there is a loss of income through death or ill health.

It’s much easier to have an open conversation about these things, which is what we’ll do as part of your mortgage and protection journey.

Doing the right thing when it comes to protection also forms one third of our sustainability policy.

Definition: The process of paying off one mortgage with the proceeds from another using the same property as security.

Why remortgage?

A mortgage adviser will help you negotiate the market, ensuring you are always getting the best deals. To arrange a time to discuss your options, please contact us directly. 

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