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Russell Maggs

When working in my first job as a mortgage & protection adviser, I was responsible for referrals into what was then the BMA Mortgage service. Helping doctors referred by the BMA to buy and refinance property.

Why work with a previous BMA mortgage adviser?

I was helping doctors on a regular basis to buy and refinance their property. And there weren’t many situations I didn’t come across. And hopefully you get that impression when looking over my website.

During my time in this role, I was able to build relationships with contacts inside mortgage lenders. And get to know which banks and building societies were best for mortgage lenders. And which could be the most flexible, bending their rules for high quality applications.

My time with a mortgage lender...

I talk a bit about my time working within a mortgage lender. I enjoyed the role but not as much as I enjoyed working with clients directly. 

But I did learn a LOT about how mortgage lenders view applications. And how to package and present an application in the best light possible. Whilst also telling them about any imperfections in a case. To ensure peoples situations are viewed in the best light possible.

The honesty to include the imperfections helps to manage expectations. But demonstrates we are realistic and understand the full picture and are not just trying to blag our way through an application.

Would I go back to being a BMA mortgage adviser?

Of course! I would love to have their approval. I’ve tried linking back to them in a few places throughout this site if I feel content on their website would be useful. Maybe one day? But probably not just yet…

Would you like to...

If you are a first time buyer or moving home...

It would be great to be a part of helping you buy your new home and secure the most suitable mortgage and protection portfolio.

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If you are remortgaging...

It would be great to helping you in arrange the new mortgage. 

If you are ready to talk, please feel free to get in touch or provide your contact details below.

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Why speak to Maggs Financial Services?

“I have been helping to arrange mortgages for doctors for the vast majority of my career. So when I setup my own firm it made sense to continue this specialism.

“I take great pride in arranging mortgage finance for health care professionals with “non-standard” income streams. In my opinion, some of these deals just wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a specialist broker.

“Using my industry contacts & experience I am able to negotiate bespoke criteria and have been able to significantly increase maximum borrowing capabilities or secure more competitive deals for my existing clients.”
Russell Maggs - Mortgages for Doctors

Russell Maggs
Mortgage & Protection Adviser